An Integral Part of the Community

Anthony Owens Remodeling and Repair in Frederick, Maryland, offers home improvement services and philanthropic endeavors throughout the Frederick community. With more than 40 years of experience, our qualified professionals provide high-quality construction services, including painting, drywall, carpentry, roof repairs, tile floors, and so much more.

Our company is based around one simple concept – we care. We care about our customers, our community, and the magic of the Frederick art scene. With Anthony Owens Remodeling and Repair, you’ll receive simple, old-fashioned customer service. We give you the respect you deserve while providing you with exceptional, honest services.

Anthony Owens Remodeling and Repair has valuable experience working with the requirements set by The City of Frederick's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Anthony, Evan, and the rest of the team work with clients within the HPC district to ensure that all of the finished projects adhere to HPC regulations. Anthony Owens Remodeling and Repair has worked on several projects in downtown Frederick and our team navigates the Historic Preservation Committee process with a knowledge of its expectations.


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